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I wholeheartedly support Bruce Gibson’s reelection to the Board of Supervisors. I have lived in SLO County for 44 years, known Bruce for 24 years, and served as a SLO County Superior Court Judge for 15 years and a Justice on the California Court of Appeal for 6 years. We need nonpartisan decision-makers working to improve our infrastructure, environment and community programs in SLO County. Bruce is that person – focused on solving local problems and improving local conditions for all of us, regardless of politics. He is experienced, effective, and informed. Vote Gibson for Supervisor.

Martin Tangeman
Associate Justice (Ret.)

Bruce Gibson’s election is particularly important now, in this period of history where frustration and anger are surging. SupervisorGibson is smart, thoughtful, and considerate to all who appear before the Board. He highly values the diverse views in our County, using them to guide his decision making, create new solutions, and inspire forward progress. He oversees the work of our local public employees with integrity. He brings humanity and years of earned wisdom to the Board. Respectful dialogue and deep integrity are vital to our government “of the people” and must be rooted in our local community leaders. A vote for Bruce Gibson is a vote in favor of American values and our Constitutional form of government.

Charles S. (Steve) Crandall
San Luis Obispo County Superior Court, Judge (Ret.)

We very much need to tilt the balance of power in favor or logic, reason, and sensible politics. My wife and I have had one or two projects before the Board of Supervisors in the past 15 years, and always felt you were a reasonable and intelligent person who asked good questions and made decisons based on facts, not politics.

Gary & Suzanne Wells

I supported Geoff Auslen because of his numerous and longstanding contributions to our community and his active and positive participation in local government.

With the primary over and Geoff out, I support Bruce Gibson for 2nd District Supervisor.

Bruce Gibson has both experience, and a track record, for getting things done. I know I won’t agree with Bruce on all issues but I know he will listen to all sides and make thoughtful decisions based on facts. For me, as a moderate, Bruce Gibson is the clear choice.

Charles Bourbeau
City of Atascadero, Councilmember

Experienced & Innovative Leader
Gibson is realistic and forward-thinking, evidenced by his four terms in office. He has specific policies that we support, from approvals streamlining to pre-approved ADU plans, and we are eager to work with him as he continues to move the needle on housing. If re-elected, we also hope to see stronger support of state laws that can take these changes to regional levels, to the benefit of not only SLO but our neighboring counties.


I am writing to urge voters to support Bruce Gibson for District 2 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor. We are fortunate to have this person offering his services once again on our behalf.

As the SLO County Auditor-Controller at the time, I remember when Bruce first arrived on the Board. All of a sudden, my phone started ringing and I received emails with questions from the District 2 offices. I realized, “This is different, this is a guy that actually reads, and thinks critically about the mountains of material that County bureaucrats dump on the Supervisors for each public meeting agenda.” And he has never stopped doing that.

I have lived in SLO County for about 55 years, served 7 years as the Assistant Auditor-Controller, and I served 22 years as the elected Auditor-Controller. I believe that Bruce Gibson may be the smartest and hardest working county supervisor that we have ever had.

Mr. Gibson has a long record of working on behalf of poor and middle-class taxpayers, while being sensitive to the needs for vibrant profitable businesses. He is a champion of our beautiful environment. He has shown prudent balanced leadership in so many ways, including carefully protecting the tight county budget, a matter both he and I believe is imperative.

Please join me in support of Bruce Gibson for District 2 Supervisor.

Gere W Sibbach
CPA (ret), SLO County Auditor-Controller (ret), Current Elected Treasurer, City of Atascadero

Gibson has proven himself to be a smart, hard-working, dedicated supervisor capable of seeing projects through to completion. Equally important, he has been a voice for the tens of thousands of county residents who feel ignored by the board majority.

…not a single one of these three challengers has anything close to the wealth of experience, knowledge and longstanding relationships with key officials at local, state and federal levels that Gibson brings to the table.

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The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Editorial Board

I strongly support Bruce Gibson — rational, dedicated intelligence, working on your behalf for the important issues facing our County — climate change, housing, water, transportation, and many more.

Carlyn Christianson
City of San Luis Obispo, Councilmember

A Note to Bruce:

I first met you in 2012 just prior to becoming a full time resident of Cambria, having been a homeowner here since 1994, and you took the time to sit down with my husband and I to explain how the issues of water and building were handled between the county and the CCSD. You have always been accessible to discuss and respond to any issues of concerns for our community. As part of a CCSD Adhoc committee on emergency and fire evacuation you were readily available to discuss some of the options we were considering, to help us understand whether or not they were viable, and you offered some suggestions to look at going forward. In the two years I have also been an area representative on the North Coast Advisory Council, i have very much appreciated the insight you provide on all the issues of concern facing our local communities and the county as a whole, and the work that you are doing as our District 2 Supervisor to address those issues in the best way possible. You are very proactive with finding solutions to our ever more increasing needs of our unhoused population, childcare, and affordable housing to name a few. We need someone with your compassion, experience, understanding of how county government works to remain our District 2 Supervisor. With all the complicated issues and concerns facing our coastal area, now is not the time to replace you with someone less knowledgeable of these concerns and without the extensive experience you have with the county, the needs of your constituents, and the experience to achieve the best solutions to these issues.

Karen Dean
Cambria Community Services District, Director

We need a leader who will continue to listen and stand up for the values and needs of the community they represent. I believe Bruce Gibson has proven that he is the right person for this job.

Jen Ford
City of Morro Bay, Councilmember

I have respected Bruce Gibson for over 20 years. Bruce sees the big picture and so should you. Reelect Bruce this June.

Dave Howell
City of Morro Bay, Chief of Police and City Manager (ret.)

I strongly support Supervisor Gibson’s re-election because of his advocacy for affordable housing. The issue of housing and homelessness is a complex, multi-faceted, problem that plagues our cites and county. Mr. Gibson has a track record that shows his commitment to working toward solutions.

Anna Miller
City of Grover Beach, Councilmember

I enthusiastically endorse Bruce Gibson for Supervisor!

I’ve had the pleasure of serving on regional committees with Bruce, and I know first hand that he is a passionate, pragmatic and effective leader. He is a mainstay in environmental stewardship and a relentless advocate for equity and social justice. He has a wise, disciplined approach to economic development and a fierce commitment to fiscal responsibility. We are fortunate indeed to have Bruce Gibson as Supervisor.

Andy Pease
City of San Luis Obispo, Councilmember

As a Community Special District Board member within District 2, I have a deep appreciation for the considerable energy and principled commitment Bruce Gibson brings to his constituents every day.  In interactions with Supervisor Gibson, I have always found him responsive to issues and ready with suggestions as well as needed conduits to other interfacing agencies at the County and State levels. Although a formidable problem solver, his most effective attribute is visualization. Having those characteristics in our representative at the county level is invaluable. He has my active support for continuing as a resilient advocate for District 2 North Central Coast needs, as a whole, and our Special Districts specifically.

Cindy Steidel, Director
Cambria Community Services District

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