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County Supervisor Bruce Gibson to seek re-election in 2014

CAYUCOS – Second District Supervisor Bruce Gibson will seek another term on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors. Election Day is June 3, 2014.

“With ‘vision, leadership and service’ as my guiding principles, I am proud that our Board of Supervisors has championed environmental protection, job creation and financial stability in my time on the board,” Gibson said.

Gibson said he’s running for re-election “so I can fight for our common ideals and continue the solid environmental and economic progress 2ndDistrict residents have come to expect.” He pledged to campaign on his record of achievement:

  • Los Osos – Finally pushed the Los Osos Sewer Project into construction after more than 30 years of false starts and community controversy. “It may look a bit messy now, but the long-term benefit to the community is incalculable.”
  • Cambria – Worked with the community, the County Administrative Office and numerous volunteers to secure a new public library in Cambria.
  • Approved two solar-power generation plants in the eastern part of the county, bringing nearly a thousand skilled worker jobs to area residents.
  • Finding solutions to some of our county’s key environmental challenges:
    • “We’ve reached a political agreement on the difficult groundwater problem in the North County, applying science, reason and fairness toward balancing the needs of all water users, not just the biggest.”
    • “We adopted a dust rule for the Nipomo Mesa, protecting the health of residents there and throughout the South County.”
    • “We adopted a plastic bag ban to protect the marine environment.”
    • Assuring that concerns of our county’s resident are heard and honored, Gibson was appointed to be the county’s main watchdog on the Diablo Canyon Independent Peer Review Panel, which oversees the nuclear plant’s seismic safety issues.
  • Prevented “ill-conceived sprawl that could change the character of our coast forever.” As a county representative on the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), Gibson demanded an honest accounting of water resources in the Price Canyon area east of Pismo Beach.
  • Maintained the county’s AA+ credit rating (among the top three counties in California) by reducing the county’s overall spending levels and payroll numbers without tax increases or painful layoffs, by reforming the county’s pension program, assuring long-term economic stability, and negotiating with employee unions in harmony.

“Running on your record as an elected official is a time-honored American tradition,” Gibson said. “I’m proud of this record and I look forward to campaigning on it.”

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