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The Tribune, Letters to the Editor: Thanks, Supervisor Gibson

Our state association does great work for all 58 counties and 40 million people in California. I’m honored to be part of their leadership team and look forward to engaging the Governor’s  administration and State Legislature to gain constructive engagement on issues important to us all.” – Bruce

“The California State Association of Counties (CSAC) would like to thank San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson for his thoughtful leadership and continued advocacy on CSAS Legislative priorities. Supervisor Gibson has served as a member of the CSAC Executive Committee and Board of Directors; chair of the Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources Policy Committee; and CSAC’s representative to the County Drought and Advisory Group. He was recently elected to the position of 2nd Vice President and will become president in 2024.

Supervisor Gibson has worked in public service since 2007 and is committed to accessible and transparent government. He was recently featured as a panelist for a Rural County Representatives of California webinar explaining the redistricting process. Supervisor Gibson was also instrumental in the coalition fight for high-speed broadband to unconnected and under-served communities. Supervisor Gibson always leads by example and is not afraid to address any challenges or difficult topics facing counties.

He is involved in his community and dedicated to local government. Having someone so informed about counties and their role is a boon to local governments all over California.”

– Graham Knaus, CSAS Executive Director

The Tribune, 2022-01-30: Page 19

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